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Centerpieces often become the highlight of the decoration for a wedding. In meeting brides that is often the first thing a bride wants to talk about. And the truth is, it is a very important point to discuss.
​Centerpieces often become the visual focal point of the table, thus the area where the guests are going to sit and chat throughout the wedding reception.
​What are the choices of the centerpieces then? Well ... Centerpieces hold a huge range of options, and each one of those options has it merits. The general two forms are the high or the low centerpieces.
  • ​The high centerpiece: as the name indictates, this is a centerpiece that is higher than eye-level often in a chandelier form. Being on a pedestal insures that the second guests step in it is visible and sets the mood (most likely glamorous) to the event.
  • The low centerpiece: again as the name indicates its low, sometimes in short vases or simply on the table in platters or flower oasis. This type of centerpiece gives a more romantic subtle feel to the event.
​However, within these two options lies a huge variety that includes types of flowers, colors, shapes of arrangements, vases ... The sky is the limit.
​Some of my favorite centerpieces are those that reflect a personal touch from the bride and groom. A picture frame somewhere, an image from a place traveled, a symbol of their relationship. I know it is not always possible to incorporate these gestures into the centerpiece, but oh it is so pretty when it's done. It brings the guests one step closer to the bride and groom, and takes the wedding to a level a tiny bit more intimate.
​All in all, my advice simply is to enjoy your wedding, if having a lavish centerpiece with crystal chandeliers and orchids is your thing, then have it; and if you are more a garden lover who enjoys the springs blooms and is content with a simple ceramic vase with a wild flower inside, then do just that. Be yourself, it is your wedding, it is your moment; everyone else is there to see you, and feel your spirit and your love.
<![CDATA[The small heart on my desk]]>Tue, 01 Mar 2016 12:37:42 GMThttp://www.properevents.net/blog/the-small-heart-on-my-deskPicture
Sometimes it is the smallest thing that touches you the most. This is the story of a small heart that lies on my desk and holds every coffee cup that I have drank in my office. It was a gift from a dear friend of mine who left Abu Dhabi three years ago and I still miss her. The thing about this mini hear is that it is a reminder of morning coffees together. She would order a late with syrup and I would go for the black coffee.
​Every morning I place my mug of coffee on the little coaster heart I am reminded to smile and enjoy the blessings of friendship and those of a new day.
"People walk though our lives but only true friends leave footprints on our heart".
​Dedicated to Mayoushati

<![CDATA[   Does my choice of the venue matter? YES IT DOES ]]>Tue, 01 Mar 2016 05:14:18 GMThttp://www.properevents.net/blog/-does-my-choice-of-the-venue-matter-yes-it-does

Venues matter, and so does the choice of the venue. If I were to rate the importance of choosing the right venue say on a scale of 1-10, I would give it an 11.
Of course every element of an event is important and adds to the holistic success of the event, but venue, from where I stand, is at the top.
​Why? ... Well, there are several reasons,  but here I will be taking about  two of those:

Venues establish the mood: Even before adding any décor or lighting, even before choosing a theme (be it an original, traditional or color based etc.), the venue will still hold in its vey make up a mood. What your guests will feel entering a garden is very different from their feel entering a forest, a barn, a grand ballroom ... And that feeling will set the expectations of the guests accordingly.

Venues affect the budget: I can never ever stress this point more. Venues affect budget and the effect can be detrimental to all your other choices, be it music, décor, giveaways ... Here it might be important to note that the venue budget is sometimes linked to the menu provided (a case of which the venue offers the option of catering), in other times venue budget is the mere rental cost. I often try to explain that should you be on a budget - most of us are - then the venue rental charges should not go beyond 10% your total budget. In the case that the venue is playing the role of the caterer as well, then that budget should not be higher than 35% of the total budget. ... I can not even start counting the number of times were clients had to cut on many elements that were important for them just because they went to venues that sucked up their budgets.

​Yet, I would never expect you to settle, you should find that place that makes your day special, that brings a joy to your heart, so how to do that? SEARCH ... SEARCH AND SEARCH some more! ... Yes, the more you search the bigger is your chance to finding that place. On the other hand, should you not have time or energy to search, then do hire a professional who will do just that for you.

​All in all, remember, venues and their choices matter.

<![CDATA[With every card a memory]]>Sun, 28 Feb 2016 13:23:13 GMThttp://www.properevents.net/blog/with-every-card-a-memoryPicture
Today I was genuinely lucky to have the time to sort through old business cards. Why lucky? Because every card holds a memory. People and places that I have long forgotten, that would hardly ever cross my mind were brought back to memory today.
​I went on a trip back to the day I met some of the people who became my best friends over the years.
It is rather funny that after years of knowing someone the image of their work place disappears, and with that image the business cards disappears as well. What starts off as a name on a cards and a chance for potential work, suddenly becomes a person that shares your happiest and saddest moments. and while at some level you still realize they work at this or that company, it becomes one of the least visible facts to you ...
Then, one day, like I did, you happen to stumble across a bunch of scattered cards, and you read through.
​Every cards suddenly stares you in the face demanding recognition; imploring you to remember what it stands for: possibilities of jobs, new connections, further networks.
.......... Yet, you respond with a smile, because the only thing it does remind you of in fact, is the very person behind the name.

<![CDATA[From the heart is always better ... at least we think so]]>Sat, 27 Feb 2016 07:11:13 GMThttp://www.properevents.net/blog/from-the-heart-is-always-better-at-least-we-think-soPicture
We finally made it! The first issue of our newsletter is out. We are excited to hear your feedback. Our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts are working splendidly. Is that something to be so excited about? Well, yes it is!
See we had reviewed many offers from social media promoters and decided to take the job ourselves. We are sure our work is not as perfect as that provided by a professional in the field, but we know our work is a product of our heart. We understand Pro_Per Events. We work everyday in the office and spend countless days presenting ourselves in meetings. If anyone can talk about us, from the heart, well, it's us.
​Hope you enjoy what we prepared, as much as we enjoyed thinking about you, our readers, as we prepared the material.
​P.S. Picture of today taken while I am writing this post, coffee in hand in our office facing Khalifa Park

<![CDATA[Event Designing is not short of on ART]]>Tue, 23 Feb 2016 08:33:52 GMThttp://www.properevents.net/blog/event-designing-is-not-short-of-on-art

​​Designing an event is a work of art. I have often been faced with questions on the process of creating an event; and truthfully, after placing the basic dots in place - from choosing caterers to music, etc ... - I can never fully answer the question without using the word art.
​How is it art? Well, just like a painting, colors need to work to together, not to over-power nor to diminish the value of every tonality. Shapes, be it tables, patterns, platform, just like a piece of sculpture need to blend into the venue, to shape-shift it so it answers to that one particular event, that one particular client or demand.
​The dilemma that is faced, on daily basis, by event designers is not the availability of venues, or the scarcity of suppliers, as serious as both sound, but actually, the challenge is to come up, time and again with a new piece of art: more commonly known as a creative, interesting event.

<![CDATA[Preparing to Launch]]>Sun, 21 Feb 2016 10:03:58 GMThttp://www.properevents.net/blog/preparing-to-launchThe plan is to launch on the 25th of Feb.
Where are we now?
  • ​Preparing amazing information to post on FB, Instagram, Twitter and our Newsletter. 
  • Waiting for our new digital business cards to arrive ... EXCITING!!!
  • Awaiting feedback from visitors to the website
  • ​And yes ... Blogging about it all

​Looking forward to hearing from you ...

​Meanwhile, heading out to enjoy the lovely Feb weather of Abu Dhabi